Crystal salt

The process of Kesshou-shio is to first「concentration of seawater (Sloping salt-terrace method ”Ryukashiki-enden”) 」→「Boiling the brine (1st stage boiling-down process) 」→「Finishing in a salt-kettle (finishing stage boiling process) 」, but Kesshou-shio is salt that is produced after the 1st stage of boiling down process. Turning off the fire in the afternoon and slowly bringing the kettle’s temperature down. When the brine is cooled down to 80 degrees Celsius and the salt concentration reaches 25 percent with humidity and other factors meet requirements, square-shaped crystals start forming on top of the brine. This is a rare salt that is formed once a month or so, and it is very difficult to meet temperature needs during winter when temperatures can change rapidly.

The mysterious pyramid-shaped figure of the salt crystal is impressive, and it is said that it resembles a Kamidana. This salt is often used as a snack for sake because of its crispy texture. Large crystal formations can also be enjoyed in a tasteful and sophisticated manner, by licking the crystal while enjoying sake.This crystal has a very distinct “sea” taste, although it is not mellow tasting, it has a bold salt presence. The taste comes in slowly because the grain is coarse and difficult to melt. This salt is recommended to be used with sirloin steaks.