Bamboo charcoal salt

The desire to “make black salt” took 3 years to develop the world’s first “black bamboo charcoal salt”. Bamboo charcoal powder can be used to make black salt, but with this method of mixing the ingredients the taste of charcoal powder and salt would be separated when consuming. A manufacturing method of blacking the salt while keeping its purity was developed through trial and error.The salt is stuffed into three-year-old fresh bamboo barrels, and a professional charcoal-burner cooks the bamboo in a kettle at about 1000 degrees Celsius for a month. This form of salt is called “baked salt”, but unparalleled to black salt-baked with bamboo charcoal. With the method of baking the salt in the bamboo at a high temperature for a long period, it does not have the smell of sulfur instead, the smell of bamboo charcoal fuses with the salt.

In this baking method, magnesium chloride (a bitter component of baked salt), changes to oxidized magnesium and coats the surface of the slat. This creates a smooth coating, and the bitterness completely disappears. As it melts in your mouth a soft and mellow salty taste can be enjoyed. The fragrance unique to the grilled salt and the umami component of bamboo dissolved in the salt goes well with sashimi, grilled meat, and steak.

The bamboo salt comes as a solid salt or powdered salt, the solid salt can be grated over food. This can be done to be shown to diners at the dining tables or at the counter to adjust to customer preference.