Salt nurtured by Noto people, land, and nature.

Noto peninsula’s Satoyama Satoumi is registered as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Site, it is a valuable land with a traditional culture that makes the most of nature. The people of Oku Noto are known for their empathy and kind personality, also known locally as “Noto is a kind land”. The taste is cultivated by the sincere and hard-working Noto people who have carefully nurtured the food culture of Noto.

Noto is rich with fresh produce and ingredients from the sea to the mountains, has a unique food culture, and salt is a staple ingredient of Noto. The Noto salt enhances the taste of the seasonal ingredients and is indispensable for making preserved foods in preparation for the snowy winter. Fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, fish sauce, and nare sushi that are still inherited are the traditional local flavors made from salt.

Compared to refined salt, Noto salt is rich in minerals such as magnesium and potassium. When the salt is placed in the mouth, a deep and inexpressible taste of “sweetness” comes to mind. We will continue to protect the traditional methods, nature, and the wisdom of the Noto peoples healthy and delicious salt.